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Modification des paramètres des feux de camps

LOL I agree Djaimse! I would love to see all the moaners and grumpers dumped into a side server. Sadly, that would empty this server to 5% of its current population. =P

It's particularly interesting that you should say that, as many of the people who built those campfires at the OP were the same people who kept complaining about a certain player killing their campfires in Fairhaven. Not only that, but they got that player punished as well (I think it was a temporary ban, but at the very least a warning). Now if campfires are attacklable, and a player is attacking them continuously, is that harassment? Probably, I agree with them. If the fire is attended it could be seen as harassment. But then going ahead and exploiting a game mechanism using the same campfires with the mindset that "if I can do it with the existing gameplay, then it's ok"? Well, I would say that's hypocrisy. So you can get a player banned for killing your fires when you want to afk next to them, but it's ok to use them in a non-RP way for pvp advantage?

LOL yea. Karas are very inventive indeed ^^


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