[OLD] Ryzom Code of Conduct and Naming Policy

The following rules govern the Code of Conduct of Ryzom Services (including the "Ryzom" game, IRC and the forums).

Any transgression of these rules may lead to suspension of access to Ryzom Services without prior warning. No refund may be claimed after an exclusion due to rules infrigement.

1. Any harassment, threat or other offending act causing uneasiness to/against another player is forbidden.
2. Foul langage, insulting, defamatory, obscene, xenophobic or anti-semitic talk is prohibited. Also all explicit sexual content is prohibited.
3. You may not impersonate any WinchGate employee, GM or other Customer Service Representative.
4. You may not violate any law, be them local, national, European or international.
5. Illegal transfer of document or files is forbidden across the network or websites of WinchGate.
6. When contacted by a CSR while in-game, on the forums or any other Ryzom service, you must respond and follow their instructions.
7. You cannot use WinchGate services for any other activity than the ones allowed by the game world.
8. You may not provide any falsified information while registering (or updating your profile) on WinchGate forums or on your Ryzom account.
9. You may not disclose personnal information about other players, be it in game, on WinchGate forums or on CeB.
10. Any hacking or decrypting attempt or related activity on Ryzom servers data is prohibited.
11. Any guild or group of players built upon a homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, anti-religious, premise is prohibited.
12 . You may not exploit or disclose bugs encountered in game and should report them immediately to WinchGate.

In-game courtesy

1. Harassment of any kind is forbidden.
2. You may not hinder another player during his play.
3. You must maintain respectful behavior toward other players and Customer Service Representative.
4. You may not be part of a group or guild going against Courtesy rules.
5. You may not violate the Code of Conduct.
6. You may not hide behind roleplay to justify courtesy rule transgession.

Forum Rules

1. You must express yourself in a clear way and act as a polite and civilized individual.
2. Cross-posting is forbidden (defined as posting duplicates of message in order to improve visibility).
3. You are required to notifiy Customer Service of any illegal content or violation of the rules.
4. Advertisement is forbidden.
5. You may not attack or insult other players.


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