Wounds of War

The tribe leader halted abruptly, lifting up his hand to signal for everyone to stop. There was a lot of activity in the Grove of Confusion today. He scanned the landscape and called for his tribe to carefully follow him on their usual route up to Ginti Outpost. As they approached the outpost, a mass of homins came into view. Clearly a battle was being waged here. The tribe leader shook his head sadly. These homins only thought of fighting and ripping this land apart. He shoved past a homin who was too busy healing to notice the tribe approach. He was pushing his way towards the centre of the outpost when all of a sudden, he felt the force of a launcher bomb knock him to the ground. He grunted. Looking over to his tribe, he signalled for them to attack the launcher.

Elvanae had tried to stop the launcher from firing but it was too late, she had hit the tribe leader. She turned back to her guild and hastily called out for no one to heal just as Sabreshadow cast a heal on her. He threw her an innocent smile. She reloaded the ammo into the launcher and turned back in time to see the tribe coming towards her. It was not her fault the tribe insisted on continuing their patrols through Ginti when battles were going on. No doubt they would insist on returning to patrol again! Bah! They were such frustrating homins! Although she did sympathise, the tribe should keep out of her bloody way if they knew what was good for them! She took aim and fired the rockets at them.

The battle seemed to be going well so far, the guards had been slain but one or two were managing to avoid detection, hiding amongst the Kami ranks. She turned to see Ingfarah next to her. The Fyros looked to Seralee and Virg and motioned for them to come over. Virg nodded when he heard her plan and so his guild sneaked out of Ginti and headed over to Westgrove outpost.

As the battle dragged on, the remaining forces moved over to Westgrove. Meanwhile in Ginti, the homins assigned there struggled.

Overwhelmed with exhaustiong, Elvanae groaned when she spotted a  swarm of Kamis appearing from around the corner at Westgrove. She was determined not to lose the ground they held. Virg came running around the back of the Kami forces and signalled for Elvanae to heal him. The last moments of the battle were a blur as he wielded his Axe with ferocity.

The air was thick with apprehension and the Karavan were slowly pushing into the Kami forces and wiping them. Elvanae assessed how many guards had been knocked uncouncoius. She knew soon enough they would stop fighting.

Cheers erupted from the homins at the outpost.

Returning back to Yrkanis, she decided to sneak past the teleporter in order to avoid the bloody annoying guards who would no doubt swamp her with their congratulations. There was still much planning to do and she did not want to be held up by them. Bene Zarini was snoring softly as usual as she slipped past him. She was reaching out to open her apartment door when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She jumped, startled and turned to face the intruder. It was Triplex, grinning. She breathed a sigh of relief and rolled her eyes at him.

“Well, what a pleasant surprise,” she said dryly, bowing her head to him.

He punched Elvanae playfully on the arm. “Jena really did shine upon you today!”

She rubbed her arm, she had long since given up trying to work out the homin, you just had to take him as he was. “Yes, well a great deal of homins fought by our side today, they certainly have my thanks. And you, I take it you didn’t get a message with the battle times?” She raised an eyebrow at him.

“Oh, that," He scratched his chin thoughtfully, "Maja cooked the last few Izam that came to us with messages over her campfire, so they kind of stopped coming.” He admitted cheerily. “Some were actually rather delicious, I think she had sprinkled some Arana wood shavings over one so it tasted…”

Elvanae sniffed very loudly in dissaproval. “Yes, well,” She interrupted, “I heard you ruffled Aen’s feather too the other day.”

Triplex crossed his arms. “Oh that,” he said lazily. “I take it Virg told you.”

“He sure did, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much… the WHOLE spawn!!” She burst out laughing. Triplex grinned madly.

“I wish I had been there to see the looks on the Kami’s faces as Aen and his guards wiped them! They do say there is a fine line between crazy and pure genius!”

He shrugged shyly. “Before I forget,” he said, “I have something for you.”

He reached into his caster skirt and, with a flourish, held out a letter to her. A dark grin had spread across his face and his eyes twinkled. Elvanae opened the letter and read the contents. Her lips curled into a small smile.

“Triplex, you are one bloody brilliant homin!” She winked at him.


Back in her apartment, she hastily wrote a letter to Seralee and Ingfarah informing them of Triplex’s plans and pushed the Izam out of the window. The poor thing plummeted for 10 meters before regaining his flight. She then started pacing her apartment in deep thought.


She was contemplating organising her launcher materials when the same Izam descended through her apartment window. It landed and tumbled towards her, hastily getting up and holding out its leg. She untied the parchment and before she should open it, the Izam turned and flew off as fast as it had landed.

“Hey!” Elvanae called out, “I never said I was finished with you!”

The Izam was now a small speck in the sky.

She looked down to the parchment. It was from Seralee. A wide smile appeared on Elvanae's face. It was on!


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