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[APP] Veleis


Veleis is an app with roleplay purpose.
Never wanted to show the drawing your character has just made ?
Or show your pamphlet praising Jena in Pyr's street?
Or again the poster you've just stick on the Fairhaven's stable annoucing the birth of the Nth Nymphea's baby ? ( it's a aniro's private joke ^^ )

Well with Veleis it's possible without the need to copy an ugly long url or to alt+tab and leave the enchanting world of Atys.

A single word one clic and it's done under your Amazed eyes !

The app is still in "Beta" but is functionnal and because i had to use it at an event and had good return on it, i make it public in hope it can heal !
I still haven't made the translation of the button and the help but it will come soon.


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