Wounds of War

As the day faded after a tiresome week of harvesting in primeroots, astarth sat in fairhaven...

Binarabi sat beside him near the stables and started talking about the latests news, they chuckled about virg's misadventures and then bina's face became shadowed as she remembered the last battle in Fleeting Garden, Astarth knew what that meant as he was feeling that same restlessness.

and so he thought:

I have been wrong, for years i refused to think the strategy from my bretheren trytonisnts was the right one, I once choose kami side thinking that fighting for the stromnger side was the answer.

We have been saved twice, and even after surviving those times we have been able to understand how powerless the "higher powers" really are and how strong is the blood of homins. And what has become of that frail unity forged under the threat of extinction? now we dont need kitins, we have ourselves.

Ive heard both sides of the story as ive walked among karavans, kamis, marauders and rangers, none of the higher powers have called for this bloodshed induced by the outposts, that's one lie i cant even see as manufactured by them, and in the end is about power of one homin over another. Wish hominity could see this, and how sad it is that those "higher powers" count on this fundamental flaw in our nature to use us as their slaves.

then he came back to himself, binarabi had been talking to him for over 10 minutes and now was getting mad at him not paying attention.
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