Wounds of War

[ooc] Just like those above, RP really is not my thing, still .. I wanted to try. [/ooc]

Waking up early, feeling refreshed and happy after a wonderful evening of practicing her fighting skills back to back with her friends and guildmates Hilajo and Akura, Seralee hopps off her bed to stand naked in the summer breeze coming through her open window. "Maybe I should consider getting dressed", thinks the Trykette, "that cheeky Zorai Shonga DeFao is quite fond of not just overseeing the camp, he tends to take a look through my window too, I really will have to teach him a lesson one of these days!" Grinning to herself, and still very naked, Seralee steps over to the washbasin and looks into the stained mirrow glass above it. "I still can't believe that the lovely Ba'gan Bapie has finally made it to camp. I just adore her stylish haircuts and colours and I simply love my new blond look!"

Realizing that she is talking to herself in the mirrow, Seralee quickly gives her face a scrub and wash. After brushing her teeth and combing her hair, she jumps into her gold and black marauder skirt and pulls her favorite vest over her head, taking care not to destroy her new hairstyle. Washed and dressed she stands and thinks about the work ahead. These last days have been pretty active for her, she has been teaching good friends the art of fighting, honing her own skills to perfection by slaughtering those dreadful hornchers close to her favorite digging spot at that wonderful little waterhole in Loria as well as going through the daily routine of gathering materials to work on her crafting skills.

"I really do have to get back to concentrating on bringing in materials. I am pretty sure we will need a lot of new gear once Drezar and Buc Shotz return from their adventures. And it would be about time too, i miss that grumpy fyros just as much as the ever funny Buc." Having said that out loud, hoping that somehow her friends so far away would hear her, Seralee turns towards the door, stops and listens. For some strange reason there is lots of noise outside. Usually camp is really quiet this time of day, but it seems that something or somebody is getting the Aktimoskain guards all worked up. Stepping outside, slipping her hands inside her magic amplifiers, Seralee looks around to see all the camp guards rushing towards the entrance of the camp. Being a very curious trykette she runs to follow them, as she wants to see, what is calling all the guards to their attention. Arriving at the camp entrance, not far away, she sees something rather unbelievable.

"Oh my dear, I am gonna have so much fun, telling everybody, that Virg got caught pants down by the Royal Matis guards. He is never gonna live this down! Just wait till I tell everybody about this!" Barely holding on to that little bit of self controll she has, Seralee points at Virg and starts laughing. The Matis Royal guards, that had walked him from Yrkanis to the marauder camp in Hidden Source had not given him the opportunity to lift up his pants, in fact, it seems, they had escorted poor Virg home butt naked. The thought of Virg, trying to dodge those hungry ragus and gingos on the way over to camp, without getting bitten in the most vulnerable of places, makes her giggle again.

"Dont you dare tell anybody about this!" Virg says. "Its not my fault that they caught me, I was as good as gone but somebody must have blown the whistle on me! I was just about to sneak out the back and finally lift up and fasten my pants when they grabbed me!"
"Dont worry, dear Virg, I wont tell a soul", Seralee says, crossing her fingers behind her back. "Nobody will ever know that you got dragged pants down all the way from Yrkanis."

"Come to think about it, maybe we should talk about my visit with Elvanae", Virg replies.

"Eeeehm no thank you, friend, I am just not interested in the details of what you do with your wife and why exactly you was brought home pants down". Seralee grins at Virg, trying to controll herself.

Looking into Virgs thoughtful face, she realises that the time for joking has passed and asks: "What exactly do you want to talk about then? You look kind of concerned."

Both turning towards the inside of camp, slowly walking towards their favorite fire place close to their guildhall, Virg starts to explain about the note from Binarabi to Elvanae. He also tells Seralee about his reply. Feeling rage against those power greedy kami followers boiling in her stomach, she agrees with Virg that this needs to be stopped, that letting those crazed kamists try to overrun and fight down even the smallest resistance to their strange beliefs would end in the downfall of all hominkind.

"We really should get all our family together and talk about what is to be done, dear friend, but first ... cover your backside please! I just cant take any more of that view much longer". Having said that, Seralee opens her Zinu crystal to select her favorite destination. "Loria, here I come".


Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

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