Wounds of War

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Lost deep in his thoughts while he dug out some hash amber of supreme quality, Aleeskandaro was brought back to reality by the sight of a young matis homina, masterfully evading aggresive creatures running in the distance, towards him.

As this rushed being approached him, he could distinguish the sight of Laelgia, his life-long friend and with whom he had overcome many dangers in the past; she rode her mektoub towards him as if her life would be lost otherwise. Once she arrived, Alee saw a worried, fearful face, eyes swollen from ostensible tearing. Not minutes after, he learnt the reason of her anxiety: war had been declared on "Finder's farm" the last Outpost of both his and her ancestors, which had been in his hands for generation after another, for as long as he could remember and which had helped many a young homin once and again... Laelgia informed him it was "Fureur d'Atys" the one who had challenged the Armageddons, yet he could not understand why a guild come out of the void would be so greedy as to want to take this precious property of his guild and the Karavan. 'May Jena help us come out of this alive' he muttered.

The wind blowing from afar and with Laelgia by his side he was able to think clearly, he had to speak to Elvanae immediately to discuss their battle plans and investigate further. He gathered all his hash amber and stuffed it into his bag after bringing out a teleporter pact which would take him back home.

Arrived in Yrk, he caught a glimpse of Marceline, the reknown marauder who was rumoured to be part or a trytonist guild, walking clumsily around the city, and talking to herself, in a clear state of drunkenness. The sight of marauders always made him suspicious but seeing her as she was, her eyes looking in different directions made him burst in giggles. When she was able to focus her eyes, Aleesk realised they pointed towards one of the residence trees, from which hang Virg, clung to the trunk by his daggers alone, trousers halfway done, making a fool of himself and apparently drunk as well. Something was definitely going on, where were the Royal guards and why was no action taking place?

On his way to discuss matters with Miaccia Stazzo, Chief Guard of Yrkanis, he heard a heated argument taking place. He identified the angry voice of Elvanae, his guild leader, a hotblooded matis homina and remembered what he had come back for. He calmly discussed the marauder intrusion with Miaccia and opened her eyes to the fact that the intrusion was her fault and only hers for having let the royal guards go on a picnic... That was the kind of things Alee had to put up with for Elvanae and her husband.

Soon enough guards arrived with Virg in custody, yet firm Aleeskandaro and angry Elvanae managed to convice Miaccia into letting them escort him outside the city and back into his settlement in Hidden Source. Marauder or not, Virg was known to be strong fighter, and Aleeskandaro intended to exploit that and benefit from his advice with regards to the imminent war upcoming.



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