Wounds of War

[OOC] This my first attempt at a RP post so please be understanding of that [/OOC]

Many of you may not know me but some of you may know I am the guild leader of Armageddons which is a Karavan guild based in Yrkanis. I must admit that I have sometimes explored the lives of the RPers on this section of the forum and indeed thoroughly enjoyed it and contemplated bringing Elvanae here one day. 


When I contemplated this idea, I didn't anticipate I would come with this very concerning and distressing issue that I want to raise to all Atysians.

Earlier today an outpost battle took place. A Kami guild which I believe is called "The Dogs of War" declared on the Karavan guild "The Outsiders" with respect to the Q200 Armilo outpost in Enchanted Isle, Lakes.

Upon attending the outpost to participate in the battle, I was shocked to see a great deal of Kami who had attended to fight for the OP. Indeed, it was interesting to note that there were also Kami who were fighting alongside us to defend it.

The curious Matis that I am, I took it upon myself to pose a question to the Kami.

*Whilst I lay dead with sand smeared over my face, I mustered all my strength and shouted loudly for all to hear: "Why are the Kamis attacking one of the few Q200 OPs we have?"*

What followed from my very innocent question were numerous comments from Kami followers which deeply shocked me.

The answer to my question was "TO is getting a message".

Is THIS the kind of reason we all want to be told when our OPs are declared upon? 

Do we have to watch what we say and what we do because if we do not, we risk the wrath of these Kami guild leaders who can take it all away from us?

I like to think that the majority of us on Atys are not so cruel and have learned from our agonizing past to have respect for each-other and not allow the weak to be crushed. 

Yes, I am a Matis and I am ashamed of our past behaviour towards the Trykers. I was born into this world with self-confidence and self-assurance but not with the desire to supress those who are weaker and not allow them the chance to advance and go so far as to take it upon myself to punish them when they try. Indeed, I am married to a Tryker who saw first-hand the darkness brewing in the souls of some of the Kami. Luckily, he and his guild left the Kami before it was too late.

*sigh in sorrow*

I cannot possibly accept that all Kami followers want to suppress weeker homins. I know many of them to be approachable and kind homins who fight only to keep what they have. Even more troubling, I have heard whispers of blood-thirsty Kami followers who even now wish to punish all the Karavan for the question I posed to them by declaring on the only Q250 OP that the Karavan hold and which is an OP currently held by Spiritus Artificis and not my guild.

I am approaching you all, Kami, Karavan, Neutral, Marauder, Trytonist, Rangers, whatever your calling, to rise up against these vile acts and condone this appauling behaviour. 

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good homins to do nothing." Edimyndi Byrki.

One is free to declare upon outposts with the aim to own it and the OP mats it produces. This is undeniable. What I will not accept is that a guild can declare upon another guild simply to punish them and send them a message. And when someone makes enquiries, certain Kami players want to continue on their rampage of punishing. 

This role play post stems from a discussion which took place on Universe channel.


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