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PR Weather for sup mats

There seems to be some confusion about PR weather and sups. For non-SN sups, there are three groups of mats as far as PR weather is concerned: sups that are available for all 4 seasons; sups that are available for 2 seasons; and sups that are available for only 1 season.

There are also 4 weather patterns in PR for sups.*  If you look at the BM weather graph - http://ballisticmystix.net/?p=atys_calendar# - you will see that for the server Atys weather is goes from Best to Worst.  See Dinorath's post below for more on this.  If you look at the graph you, the line for PR is the thick Green Line. ALL of PR has this weather.  You can tell exactly what sups will pop, and when, by looking at this line.

2 season sups pop from Best to Good
4 season sups pop at Worst and above

The other 2 weathers correspond to sups that are available for only 1 season.  These sups fall into two groups of mats, each with its own weather. One can think of these as 1 season A and 1 season B:

1 season A pop from first Good to first Bad
1 season B pop from first Bad to Worst

You can map all one seasons sups for one of these weathers if you wish.  However, the following appears to be correct:

Spring 1 season A (Shell, Node)
Spring 1 season B (Wood, Amber, Sap, Bark, Seeds)

Summer 1 season A (Resin, Oil, Seeds, Shell)
Summer 1 season B (Amber, Bark, Wood)

Autumn 1 season A (Sap, Wood, Resin)
Autumn 1 season B (Node)

Winter 1 season A (Amber, Fiber, Sap, Wood )
Winter 1 season B (Shell, OIl, Resin)

One, and only one, weather type is always up, so if you know the weather type you know which sups will pop (if not depleted).

Sups and xls in PR (this includes SN) refill after a set number of days after being completely depleted, or on a reset/rollback. The refill period for xls may be half that for sups.  This is a guess, I have never bothered to try and work this out. Do not think of season change as having anything to do with refills; think of it as being about availablity.  Rather than refill, sups will either be full, empty, or partially full at season change. 

If a spot is empty, you either need to know (have a rough idea) of when the spot was depleted so as to work out when it will likely refill, or wait for the next reset. The refill mechanic for sups is NOT 16 days. If you want to try and work it out try starting 15 days after a spot is completely depleted.

*The weather for SN sups is different.


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