[Dev] [Fixed] Please fix ARCC access

Mjollren (atys)
Ulukyn was on chat briefly today.

If I understand correctly: right now anyone could see what upcoming events are worked on by the event team. As such, access controls are needed, and ARCC will be available again as soon as those are in place.

Feel free to correct me if I didn't get something right :)

Noh it's that, you are right :) But the official reason given before (and that ulukyn gave again when he come at the begining in french), is that there was some "right issue", because we could modify script made by other people (which is something neither i nor the other tester experienced, so we found the reason kinda strange). Kinda sad we had to wait for ulukyn to come on IRC and ask him two times the question to have a real answer but :/


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