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is there a limit to how many toons / guilds we can put on a single log-in for ryztools?

no matter which of the toons/guilds i select on my list of added keys i only get a totally blank white page. i've tried logging the various accounts on and off with no results. i've logged in the account i wanted to view in ryztools (my main account for talkirc) and same results as the others gave.

i'm reporting this little bug in the hopes that i can finally find a single location to view all the various storage atls i have in one place. (can't seam to get the developers to take threads like this, this, and this seriously so having many f2p alt's is the only other solution we have)

your work is awesome, and if or when i can think of some nice feature to try to add to it, i'll also post it, but right now i like what i saw (just wish it was the same after i added the alts and alt gh's to my list of api's)


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