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Naema (atys)
Ok, so I noticed on Ryzom Forge to make plushies, etc, you need 3ds max, Well, i went to the web page and it looks like its a Windows program. I use a mac, is there an equivelent program you can use for OSX? I would like to learn this :D
Jarnys (atys)
You MIGHT be able to use blender - the ryzom core people were trying to convert everything for blender but you'll have to ask them first if they are done with everything related to making it possible to use blender instead of 3Ds max and if they are what to keep in mind AddingBuildings-Settingup3DSMAX

And today on #ryzom :
13:00:41 rdelvax | Hi,
13:01:07 rdelvax | Is there anyone who charted the shape, skel and anim files?
13:02:42 rdelvax | If so, I could try and learn enough python to try and make blender importer/exporter plugins with a little help from some friends...
13:03:57 rdelvax | If there's no info for those filetypes, I might give reversed engineering a try, but that could take a while...
14:33:49 dfighter | rdelvax, as far as I know there's already an ongoing effort
14:34:10 dfighter | you should consult with Botanic_
14:35:51 sfb | rdelvax: If you want to know what is in the files you need to look at the serialization methods for the corresponding classes.
14:36:13 sfb | rdelvax: Because these file formats are binary representations of the contents of an instance of those classes.
14:36:49 sfb | rdelvax: Regarding a Blender plugin, dfighter is spot on. Botanic_ and someone else have been working on something on the side. It'd be worth talking to him to see where it is at.
14:39:42 rdelvax | thnx, I'll contact botanic ;)
14:40:07 rdelvax | Maybe I can help him.


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