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When I went Mara there was no Mara faction left. I did not want to play Mara the way it was played on Aris or Aniro. I did not see any harm in this; I was not trying to change the Lore.  I just wanted to have fun and play Mara differently from what I had seen since first discovering Ryzom. This is after all meant to be a sandbox game. I soon found out how wrong I was.

I am not an expert on Ryzom Lore, but as an anthropologist, I could talk about how lore is a narrative, and how like the real world Ryzom is a storied world, stories that we ourselves are living out.  I could explain how narratives are dynamic, fluid and adaptive to the moment, and are always coming into being with their retelling.  I could talk about how relevant alterity is to the Lore on Marauders. I could talk about how, in their own way, factions are as dynamic, fluid and adaptive as narratives. As Salazar mentions, I could talk about how, although history is a set of lies agreed upon, just because something never happened does not mean that it is not true.  I could talk about how this could be used as means of bridging the gap between the different servers' rp and Lore.  But I'm out, this is sandbox game where you are not allowed to play with the sand.


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