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Maximus (atys)
Just to be clear, it's how my character perceives the marauders. I'm not implying it's the OOC truth nor am I implying it is how I think IRL.

As long as it is a personal opinion, it's perfectly fine. ;)

I, both as a player and a character take the position that history is written by the winners, never the loosers. Nowadays, in real life, we have so many possibilities to preserve the truth (as well as the lies), but look at mankinds past. Was Vlad Draculea as bad as they say? Almost all we have left about him is a few pages of 15th Century propaganda flyleafs. He obviously was gruesome. What we not have is the fact that most likely all the other rulers were just as bad, but had the better (paid) press.

Looking at Atys, I see the same mechanisms at work. The perception of Matis is that bad because most of what we have are the writings of Tryker and Zorai historians. Salazar, as a Matis historian, understands the traps in those; after all, it would be no point in being a historian if he wouldn't. As a politician he abstracts even more: he looks at the Marauders up there in the Matis desert and thinks about both the damage they did in Matis lands, if they did at all, as well as at the use they might have. Finally, as a priest he *knows* (as only religious people know ;) ) that Jena will have mercy on the fallen.


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