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it seams that only the most selfish RP is rewarded and the RP that could be beneficial to the entire server is of no merit.

You somehow lost me here. What kind of actual "reward" does RP have? You gain no riches from it, nor do you (usally) have any influence on the development of a story. The gain you get is the satisfaction of playing a character who, ideally, gives the impression of a living and breathing being played by observing the rules the game sets, straining them only so lightly that you leave the cardboard setting and make them round and believable. Respecting the borders, though, is the great challenge, I think.

Having said that, I see that we slipped into another of those discussions where the original point made seems to be by now buried somewhere under it. But probably it's just me who got lost here. Originally it was the question if the Marauders are allowed to have a stall at the Tryker fair, right? For from what I understood they are not hindered to appear there and buy stuff from other stalls. The fair, I think, will not take place in the town but outside, so at least that shouldn't be a problem (unless the Taliari decided to have it heavily guarded, but I can't imagine why they should have). Now we could discuss how a marauder could be identified in the first place (not counting, say, Akilia, Melkiar, or Muang, (in-)famous individuals and/or leaders). I see quite a few possibilities here. It might me far more complicated if it was, say, a Fyros Fair and Matis would not be allowed there, or vice versa - and that situation is quite possible, if not to expect.

Taking a larger view on the Marauders as such, I do see that there's much to wish for, like trainers and merchants in their camp etc., and the fact that there are few, if at all, marauder-based events (and I very much feel with them there; I loathed the event-less time for Matis until we sort of highjacked the "botanic solution" story, which was originally only a Zorai plot). The Kitin Study Group, which sprang from it, is, of course, a player project.

Sorry if I missed the target here, but I'm tired and half on the run to the airport ...


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