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While I agree to much you wrote (though also to a lot Maxxye wrote), I definitely disagree to blaming the Devs or the event team.

As to the Devs: After the merge, even before when having changed the original plan to axe all skills on demand of the community, they were drowning in work. The good decision to preserve the skills (which saved Ryzom in my opinion) left them with a lot of additional work unifying the three shards. After the merge, a lot of new, unexpected bugs appeared. The dev team is tiny, and what they achieved during the last years is a lot. I fail to see that they had any minute free to meddle into community issues.

As to the CSR and ET: They are volunteers, players like us all. The fusion posed a challenge and lots of workload as well, moreover some of them left before or short after the fusion. I recall one feedback meeting with a german event guide where the players complained that there were - at least for the language community - practically no events comparably to the old times. The event guide then revealed that the whole team was caught in organizational work such as translations, inter-community cooperation etc., where the Germans had an overproportional workload because more of them were in mastery of English and French than vice versa. She hated not to have been able to create nice events due to these circumstances much less to even play her own player character a single time.

And, to say that, while changing or even fixing the game, much more creating and guiding events etc. may be and probably are satisfying even if a burden of work, meddling into players' quarrels is possibly the most frustrating and unsatisfactory thing a developer or admin may be confronted with. Personally, I always hated to have to interfere and to mollify conflicts between my children, that is among the worst in education though necessary here and then. But we are not the children of Devs and CSR, though some used to behave like spoiled brats at times.

What I want to say: we are the ones who have to settle our conflicts inside the community in the first place. We may appeal to event team, CSR, or developers as a last resort, and hope for adequate assistance. The work to be done remains with us, anyway.


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