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Maxxye (atys)
Since that reply was a reply for another player's saying , taking it for you is a bit out of context.

I dont think I did take it out of context, the meaning of it is plain and clear. Did you enjoy seeing "French" players leave was what they asked, because the latter put in so much effort that the only thing left to do was to leave the game.......
Maxxye (atys)
But, yes, i think "french" karas/maras/kamis had to change their way to play because of Aris'/Leanon's way to play, adapt to them or play alone and be treaten. I don't say french are the best in anyway they did mistake as the other communities did theirs
And btw, for the french players who left, they weren't only karavans but kamis and marauders too...

I was kara follower before and i did some efforts trying to play with your way to play by closing eyes ( because i didn't wanted to lose my RP but didn't wanted to play only with french players either), so you could play as you wanted even if it annoyed me. I didn't lost my RP because of that.

So saying WE ( french players because they are all bad and do nothing to make Atys life a dreamland ) do/did no efforts, i just a huge lie.

That is not what I was trying to say at all.

I tried to be as clear as possible in that last post. I gave you a specific example of one of my earliest experiences post-merge with RP. And sadly it was a very negative experience for me. Maybe you are not aware that my real-life partner is Virg, who back then was a Kami and I was a Kara... someone is telling me I can have no interraction with him in game... now you do the maths... and yes I made players aware of this because sometimes these things blew up in Kara chat where certain players would note that I was training with him...

Anyways, it was MY own personal experience that I wanted to share so you can understand that, unfortunately I do not have very many, if any, positive experiences with RPers.

I never said you didn't put in effort at all, La Firm continues to be a part of the Karavan faction and I have nothing but respect for the guild's leaders. They did not join us in battle last time because of the Marauders but they still interract with us so we know them and do activities with them. 

We still blame eachoher that we have "faults" but I made it clear in my post, we are a product of the failure of the Devs to sort this out for the merge. And yes, we are likely to still have some  RPers who have strict beliefs but if you don't compromise here and there then sadly people will leave the game, RPers and non-RPers. You can be smart enough to come up with something which in terms of RP can try to appease as many players as possible.


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