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Since that reply was a reply for another player's saying , taking it for you is a bit out of context.
But, yes, i think "french" karas/maras/kamis had to change their way to play because of Aris'/Leanon's way to play, adapt to them or play alone and be treaten. I don't say french are the best in anyway they did mistake as the other communities did theirs
And btw, for the french players who left, they weren't only karavans but kamis and marauders too...

I was kara follower before and i did some efforts trying to play with your way to play by closing eyes ( because i didn't wanted to lose my RP but didn't wanted to play only with french players either), so you could play as you wanted even if it annoyed me. I didn't lost my RP because of that.

So saying WE ( french players because they are all bad and do nothing to make Atys life a dreamland ) do/did no efforts, i just a huge lie.
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