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Maxxye (atys)
So by "we" you mean Aris'/Leanon and "you" Aniro right ? People tried to make efforts but seeing that nothing can be done just stopped to try and left, you liked see "french" player quit the game because it was impossible to make things match ?

I would love to know exactly what efforts the French players made with regards to their RP following the merge. And this may sound sarcastic (and is partly intended as so but partially I am genuinely interested to know more about this).

What I experienced personally was them attempting to bully and threaten.
What I continue to see is very little if any compromise.
Please understand why I have taken it upon myself to discuss this matter despite it not directly affecting me: RPers, in my opinion, continue to be in positions of power where they can implement things that affect the gameplay of non-RPers with the support of higher powers. Forget even the Tryker Fair, theres now the plans for only nations to own outposts in their lands... we'll that would stop me from declaring on a non-Forest based OP.............. I didn't bloody vote on this - if I don't get involved and RP how else am I going to get my voice heard if not on forum threads such as this!

To go back to the point you attempted to make and I replied to, are you saying that the French Kara's effort is to be applauded in the example I gave?
The chose to act towards us in the way they did.

All that I, along with others, did was to stand up and make our voices be heard. I did so because it was something that was directly affecting me. Those French Kara players who left the game did so because they CHOSE to. I will not give ANYONE the pleasure of thinking for a single second that I feel in any way guilty for them leaving the game. So lets clear that up.

All I have tried to say in my posts is that:

1. In my humble opinion, the real perpetrators here are the Devs and Event Team and the powers that be who failed to consider the possible post-merge issues which could arise with the different approaches regarding RP and Lore in the servers. This has, in my opinion, cause significant server wide issues between players - resentment and animosity. They didn't address this when they should have and even Tamarea's response, to me, was completely void of consideration of Ari RP. They have basically left us to stew and here we are boiling with emotions.

2. The right to free will that we have to play as we wish is what allows us to make choices and decisions as we want to. RP allows for ingenuity and the freedom to come up with a million and one RP reasons for us to compromise IF we chose to. And I like to think that we can.

3. (The main one I am the most happy about infact looking at the recent posts - I was unable to post this earlier despite writing it hours ago...) To come together to share our experiences because only by doing so will we be able to understand why we all play the way that we do. I would hope that in my previous posts, I've been able to show you a little of why I have the opinions I do.


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