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Bitttymacod (atys)
Ummm... Bina? As far as we can tell from ancient records, Elias Tryton was a Karavan. (Some Trykers believe even that he was married to Jena.) He is hated by the Karavan because he advocated that homins should share in their knowledge, and for that he was declared apostate. The Kami hate him because he is Karavan.

From the Lore I know, Elias is clearly not "a Karavan". He is a personality of unknown descent to the homins, with abilities making him an equal to Jena and Ma Duk rather than to the Kamis or the Karavan. He was able to create gates where homins as well as Kami and Karavan were able to step through without any limits of space and time. Even Elyssa, the leader of the Guild of Elias, who shortly appeared during the Temple Wars, and then next time before the Exodus during the Second Great Swarming, was in possession of powers at least comparable to Karavan and Kami.

There are rumours that Elias was even able to connect to completely different worlds, and more powerful than Jena under this respect - this rumour has never been proven. Equally unproven are rumours that he had a liaison to Jena (and even a son existed). Nobody knows, and nobody possibly ever will know.

In our history (Leanon), Elias appeared once in person before a secret assembly of guild leaders, teleported on top of Frahar Towers by his powers. I personally knew and interviewed two witnesses of this event, one of them ist still among us. So I have to acknowledge his existence, while I never saw neither Jena nor Ma Duk. Though I admit not few evidence for their existence, I still reserve the merit of doubt (while I actively disbelieve into the existence of the dragon, a concept I perceive and confirm at best as symbolic).

Trytonism as a religious or philosophic concept, as far as I learnt about, was about consequent if not radical hominism while rejecting both religions blaming them for selfish and dishonest motives in their conduct towards homins.

Me, not being a Trytonist, am not going that far. I am not hostile to religions, and concede that they have done much good to hominity, and that their teachings contain beauty and wisdom. Nevertheless, I can't but concede that conspicions about dubious motives of both churches are not completely unfounded, and accusations against one another to be profoundly evil are hypocritic and plain wrong. That is why I could never join any of them. And much more the ruthless and cruel prosecution of followers of Elias are highly repulsive and demonstrate that the power of any clerics and fanatic followers must be contained.


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