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Suboxide (atys)
well maximus yes thats how mara was played and portraid on your server maybe on our server EVENT TEAM as Akilla cinder Ash Storm herself was telling us a way more moderate point of view. Maybe they addapted to the ppl on aristople that went mara who knows. But mara where not portraied as being against all. Last orders we got 1 year before server merge (when I heard half ari event team was fired without knowing why) was that we should go out in public and talk to other homins in civ/factions about how they are lied about and free them from their chackless and bring them to our camp to be shown what freedom means. (after that meeting we never saw akilla, event team or anything mara related again).

To us the event team played out that we the player mara where converts and 'unbrainwashed' (my words not event team) that had to make the camps ready and find safe lands to build the free mara city in. And we where told over and over by mara event team civs din't want us in their land and hated mara for coming back. Being seen as savages and civ govs feeling we would over run their city's with the millions of homins still trapped down there => you know not enough food for all in new lands and such.

Well, obviously if she's recruiting ppl she will say that the mara faction is the bestest thing on Atys and that the other power are just liers. You don't have to take everything at face value ! :-) Having someone says something does not mean it's true. E.g. if my character voices an opinion, it does not mean it is the TRUTH. Every character is bound to spin things his way, isn't he ?

Also, how would you explain then that the Maraudeurs (as NPCs) are bandits and attacking hominity ?
There were quite a few maraudeur invastions a few years back. Why would they kill the homins if the powers are the bad guys ? Looks pretty fishy to me.

On Aniro, Akilia called the Maraudeurs and said they would survive on their own, and not take the road of exodus. They basically had the choice of staying with homins or go and run 'wild'. They chose to run wild.
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