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maxxye to your questions: yes it has been that the issue. the whole kami/karavan alliances were formed on an RP notion that came from aniro, we were even told off for ressing karavans or training with them, it has been that roleplay which gets marauders insulted for no reason other than "its roleplay".

and lets see what should happen if we were to actually follow lore to the letter: first almost every country should hate and wage wars against the matis, as most have more reasons to hate them than marauders, so i take it we should put antimatis guards in FH to avoid them from kidnapping kids for slavery, probably trkers shoudl also get guards to stop zoraƮs from entering their cities, and ofc fyros shouldnt be allowed to go into primeroots as they're likely to start anther fire of coriolis.

i hope that for us going trytonist you dont plan to put guards all over atys to stop us
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