Collaborative Project: Ryzom Forge

Organization: Creation of multiple pools

All participants can freely help in one or multiple divisions, in which everyone can work at the large joint project, but also others that are important to them.

Graphics pool
Role: data from art direction, full implementation (from modeling to animation) of integrated and supported by Nel / Client assets.

Current volunteers: Aileya, Anarkia, wiedii, YannK
Specific chat:

Pool of dev / integrations (Windows, GNU / Linux, Mac)
Role includes the creations of other poles in an exportable to all server Ryzom. It is therefore to the tools and necessary for the development of the area available to the community infrastructure project: Tools of Ryzom and NEL RyzomCore for different platforms (OVQT / World Editor); graphics pipeline; test server.

Current volunteers: Emiro, Madi
Linux pool: Glorf, Kervala, Madi, Shikitiwa, Zatalyz, Zorroargh
Mac pool: Lod
Specific chat:

Tutorials pool
Role: writing documentation to reproduce the process.

Current volunteers: Lyne, Madi, YannK

Translation pool
Role: ensure translations and corrections.

Current volunteers: Glorf Lyne

Test pool
Role: Test tools and additions.

Current volunteers: Glorf, Lod, Lyne, Madi

If you have questions, want to Participate in Ryzom Forge or simply follow it, we are waiting for you on!

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