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Atys Weather Pattrns - Forage

I seriously think that the scarcity and the abundance of mats according to the weather patterns is nicely distributed. I also do like the weather patterns. And do notice that on atys, as well as in the real world, rain can mean a slight drizzle, or it could be the downpour just ahead of a coming thunderstorm. So it feels absolutely natural, that mats which are generally only available during rain, might not be available right now at this particular type of rain.

Bitty already pointed out that the English term of fair weather does not mean best condition. some stuff wants a thorough storm.

However, I do agree that we need a fix for the wrong weather names and scenery being down on some clients. It is obvious that if a team plays together and some see rain and some fair weather that there is a bug. I would bet that there would be much fewer complaints about the system if this would be fixed. Removing the weather description from the map window does not make sense at all. Consequently, we would have to get rid of any weather display ingame, then. Would you really want that, too?

Let's keep the system as it is and fix the one bug, namely that the client often does not show the weather as it is on the server. This makes digging a game of chance indeed.
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