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map marker limit should be removed

Map markers are stored in your save/[character].icfg file. Copying this file between machines will keep your map markers identical wherever you are but beware but also has the attendant danger of copying the wrong version and wiping out new markers.

At one time, a very very long time ago, some clever homin wrote a utility that could export the markers from the config file and then load a new set of markers. This, of course, started a spate of map sharing which Nevrax quashed (as if homins wouldn't sit down together and share such things) and the utility vanished. I'm not sure if Nevrax changed the formatting/encoding of the icfg file to prevent this happening again or if it's simply remained taboo since then.

Perhaps two rites: Leave the current and add a new that gives unlimited markers. Personally, I delete mat markers when I will no longer need to dig in that area just to avoid hitting the limit.


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