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[Ryzom Forge] Test of the Armor Design Process

new colors would be cool...
or the marauder MA plans would be buyable
with that, new hairstyles or the occupation as Hairstylist
and new tatoos for legs, the back and upper arms ☺

Hey Joabu! Thanks for your feedback on the RF project! It's really appreciated.

New armor colors can be cool, but it seems complicated, as it means to create a new slot. We will talk together about this in order to see if it can be easily done, but we don't promise anything to find/do.
For the Marauder medium armor, it is not a decision that we own. It's to Winch Gate to decide of it, not Ryzom Forge. :)

With this test (the dress) we have seen how to make new hairstyles. Maybe will we be able to propose to players new hairstyles in the future, but it's not the priority at the moment.
For new tatoos, the process is quite known and simple, but only for the faces. Add tatoos to the other parts of the body will ask some questions for us, but it is a very good idea!

Ryzom Forge has for goal to gather all good wills around a same project: Ryzom, in order to test and create documents, write tutorials, define process, ... Any help is welcomed! Don't hesitate to come visit us on IRC to chat with us of your ideas : http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=ryzomforge

Again, thank you. :)

PS: Thanks Boar and Aileya for the german translation!


Anarkia - Event Manager - CG artist for Ryzom Forge
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