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Gibbai and Goo

This should serve as some form of final report on the recent infestations in Verdant Gardens:

I talked with Faultyschema and Iala about the Goo control operation that I had to miss and several things caught my attention.

First, I must congratulate the Matis scientists on developing the Goo-weakening potion in such a short time, even though at least some form of it was already known (as pointed out by Iala). This is the first time that I have heard of goo infestation even being subject to eradication by homins using our normal spells. That in itself is a great thing, though it is possible that these techniques will only work on Goo that has been artificially encouraged.

My understanding is that the gathering of homins assembled found that attacking the infested gibbai groupings was straightforward, if tough. The Goo-contaminated and enhanced gibbai seem to have been especially difficult to bring down, especially as some of them were of immense proportions. The analysis of aggro patterns that Faulty and I undertook appears not to have been necessary. Still, they might lead us to further discoveries about Gibbai socialization.

The results of the raids on the Marauder camps were particularly interesting in that the Marauders seemed to be weakened by the destruction of the Goo eruptions. Since they were apparently responsible for the eruptions in the first place, this implies that there was some sort of magical link between the eruptions and the Marauders in the camps. I only hope that we can be sure that the Marauders will be as easy to destroy as they were this time. (Faultyschema reported that the resistance of the Marauder camps was fierce, even at the end, but if three civilized teams can beat several times their number, that counts as "easy" to me.)

As a final note, Faulty and I traveled down to the camp of the Darkening Sap and found them to be their usual schizophrenic selves; friendly to him and hostile to Babyschema and myself. It would appear that either they have returned to sanity with the destruction of the Goo, or that those previously identified as aggro Darkening Sap were in fact Marauders in disguise.


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