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The story of the beggar


The beggar worked up in the sawdust near Fairhaven. He cant remember what happened...

The only thing he had were empty pockets and old, tattered clothes. Up to this he became thirsty and hungry... He walk to the nearby water and start to drink. As he realize the salty taste he spew it out and curse: "Damn water, damn place... arrrgghh" But he discover something into the water. He take a stick out of the sawdust and began to catch it. He was sceared about the sea, because he can not swim. But finaly he got it: a barrel, full of shooki liquor. "Yeay!" he shout "Now all becomes good".
He decide to walk some miles at the border of the sea, to find something, to find anything what may help him.
He dont know how much time it took but he meet somebody. It was a hawker, luckily one with a great heart. He told the beggar the direction to Fairhaven, a place where good homins life.

And with the barrel on his shoulder, the stick in his hand he goes to Fairhaven. Not just to find help, at most to find hisself and his memory.


Please excuse my bad english. I just wanna write a little story and hope all understand
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