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Rangers; who are you?

Hier der Originaltext davon:

Wilk Potskin sagt: Lordoy !
Ferishan ruft: As you know, the Rangers have always fought the Kitins, the Goo, the Goo infected animals, and everything that exposes our Rottball at risk
Wilk Potskin ruft: What I just heard was quite the truth.
Wilk Potskin ruft: The main objective for Rangers is: to protect Homins from Kitins.
Wilk Potskin ruft: Most of you may know us from the Second Swarm, Silan, or for this camp in Almati Wood.
Wilk Potskin ruft: However, we have much more activities and missions;
Wilk Potskin ruft: Rangers are continuously patrolling Atys to watch out for kitins activities.
Wilk Potskin ruft: But dealing with Nations and Powers is also important.
Wilk Potskin ruft: these are some missions, Rangers have to achieve.
Wilk Potskin ruft: Since those tasks are quite complex. Our structure is complex too.
Wilk Potskin ruft: You can not imagine how it is difficult to provide support to Rangers sent in Old Lands or in Kitin nests.
Wilk Potskin ruft: That's why, all Rangers are trained to survive very dangerous situation.
Wilk Potskin ruft: I can't rembember how many time I had to rescue Daeronn or Keale from a Kitin nest...

Rangini sagt: I understand that we have to work together wit both religions and all countries
Rangini sagt: and i m willing to do that
Rangini sagt: but therfore i have a problem
Rangini sagt: i have no rainbow to fly like you rangers
Rangini sagt: i can not reach fast the dangerous places
Rangini sagt: and i want to show also my thinking with kind of flag or title
Rangini sagt: then i can help and help and help :)

Kiwalie leve la main
Bitttymacod sagt: Does Wlik have an answer?
Wilk Potskin ruft: Yes, but before, Kiwalie want to say something.

Kiwalie ruft: juste une chose .....un traité de paix avait été signer entre les quatres nations et Orphie Dradius , malheurusement il a volé en éclat apres le dernier essaim ....la paix est menacée entre les nations
Ferishan ruft: it's only one tiny thing....a peace treaty was signed among the Four Nations and Orphie Dradius, but unluckily it has exploded after the second Swarm. peace is at stake now

Nuzanshi sagt: Wer ist Orphie Dradius? Qui est Orphie Dradius? Who is Orphie Dradius?
Kiwalie ruft: Orphie Dradius est la répresentente officiel des Ranger aupres des apatrides
Ferishan ruft: Kiwalie: Orphie Draidus is the Ranger Officer des sans patries

Wilk Potskin ruft: Before telling you who is Orphie Dradius, I will answer Rangini questions.
Wilk Potskin ruft: First of all, Rangers do not use Rainbows.
Wilk Potskin ruft: Some of you might recall Rainbows during the Second Swarming, and some of you migth even have used them.
Wilk Potskin ruft: However Rangers did not use them to bring supplies to the Rescue Camp lost in Old Lands.
Wilk Potskin ruft: We have our own ways to travel around Atys.
Daomei sagt: Eigene Anmerkung: Regenbogenportale sind das Transportmittel der Trytonisten
Rangini sagt: *murrrrr* i know rainbows

Wilk Potskin ruft: Next part of the question was about how dangerous it is to be a Ranger.
Wilk Potskin ruft: Every Ranger do not risk his/her life everyday.
Wilk Potskin ruft: Without logistics or ambassadors, Rangers could not exist, those Rangers are as precious as a patrolling ranger.
Wilk Potskin ruft: To completly answer the question; we need your help but we will talk about that a bit later. General questions first.

Wilk Potskin sagt: Next is Bitttymacod.
Bitttymacod ruft: Will there be a way for us to become Rangers and train for this job?
Wilk Potskin ruft: Well, first you have to train. Once your training is complete, then you can become a Ranger. But definitively, yes.
Bitttymacod sagt: OK, I read that as , yes it will be a "faction"
Wilk Potskin ruft: We are not ready to offer those training for the moment, Orphie Dradius and Melga Folgore are still working on some details.

Wilk Potskin ruft: Rangers and Nations are allies. And you have good relations with both Powers.
Wilk Potskin ruft: Every Ranger have to follow this philosophy. However, you have the right to prefer Pyr baths or Fairhaven bar.
Wilk Potskin ruft: It is still disscused, but there will be a way for a religion or nation aligned homin to be recognised by Ranger.
Rangini sagt: if rangers can be alligned with one religion or a country then they loose the others and that i do not want
Wilk Potskin ruft: When we will have enough resources to provide a Ranger Trainer.
Wilk Potskin ruft: I can not give you an exact date now, however, you will be able to help us soon.
Wilk Potskin sagt: (ooc: I can not give you even an estimate, it could be completly false and it will only disappoint you)

Wilk Potskin ruft: I will explain a part of Ranger structure:
Wilk Potskin ruft: Before becoming a Ranger, you have to train. This training is available to every pro-homins homins not only neutral ones.
Wilk Potskin ruft: However, this training does not allow you to become a Ranger but only a Pattroller.
Wilk Potskin ruft: An homin that has been a Patroller long enough can become Ranger once it succeed a particular mission.
Wilk Potskin ruft: But we can only give this mission to a homin that follows Ranger's philosophy.

Wilk Potskin sagt: Next question is Npee.
Npee sagt: I'd like to know if we can have the choice of becoming other than kami or karavan initiates
Npee sagt: I'm talking about access to Prinme roots
Npee sagt: we all want to fight the kitin - that is our first priorty
Npee sagt: but give us the means to do this
Wilk Potskin ruft: Qualified Rangers can of course go to Prime roots and most dangerous national areas.
Wilk Potskin ruft: Without Kami or karavan's help of course.
Npee sagt: So tell us please what you want of us to become quaified rangers
Wilk Potskin ruft: Some people here have already traveled the in a Ranger way. but unsafe at that time.
Wilk Potskin ruft: National areas are a lot safer than prime roots, you have to be a confirmed Ranger to be able to go there.
Daomei would disapprove Ranger afiliation only as means of easy transport
Krill se demande si ça sent aussi mauvais que les potions de Tepsen / Krill wonders if it smells as bad as Tepsen's travelling potion

Wilk Potskin sagt: Next question Anyume.
Anyume sagt: Quel est la position des Rangers face aux Maraudeurs ? / What is the position of the Rangers in front of the Marauders?
Wilk Potskin ruft: As long as they can help to fight Kitins, they are welcome to help. Like I said, we are allies with Nations and are supported by Powers.
Wilk Potskin ruft: We will not tolerate their actions if it badly affect our fight against kitins.

Wilk Potskin ruft: If you want to become a Ranger, not only a Pattroller, you should rise your fame in nations and for powers.
Wilk Potskin ruft: Then help us with our incoming project.

Wilk Potskin sagt: Next is Ingfarah.
Ingfarah sagt: Je suis désolée si je suis hors propos; je désirais seulement proposer que, puisque nous sommes si nombreux, nous faisions une petite razia à l'intérieur de la kitinière après cette réunion.
Ingfarah sagt: I am sorry if I'm out of place. I just wanted to propose, since we are so numerous, that we raid the insides of the Kitin's Lair after this little meeting.
Wilk Potskin ruft: It seems to be a good idea, if you become a Ranger, you will often visit it.


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