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PvP Areas and Gutless Attacks

You all speak how this areas are PvP so everyone need to be prepared to be attacked anytime.
However, you forget the reason this area is PvP exists no more: there is no longer supreme dig spot in nexus ever since merge so the fact that is PvP is only a byproduct off removed content (imo, yomv etc).

Also, pvp is not only reason for which one can go to nexus, there is golden there so.. no content is restricted to pvpers and if it is, shame on game.

In any case, acknowledging Arispotle/Leanon/Aniro don't exist, you must understand people coming from this different places have different game style.. You may say it don't exist anymore so we must all adopt your game style but I see no honour or morale anywhere in killing someone who be already drained hp/sap, like killing a yubo...

Good day to you all.


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