Probably a bug with teleports

Apartment/Guild Hall entrance:

After server merge and until patch November/December 2012 one could access via elevators etc. After the patch all apartment/GHs bought before patch had to use the glowing access terminal outside entrance to enter (aka ring terminal) and since gameplay now included secondary towns (like Dyron, Avalea, Natae etc), players were given a choice to move their access point to any of those towns.

Any new apartment/Guild Hall bought after this patch can be entered via elevators and NOT via access terminal. There is no option to use access terminal if elevator makes you crash or do not give you an access window.

In other words, the access terminals were a fix to allow guilds and players with old apartments/GH's in capitals a one-time move option out of the capitals and into the secondary towns or a choice of keeping them in the capitals.

Sadly there is a problem for some player to enter buildings, have a look here for those on a linux client.


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