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Lilsis (atys)
At first, thank you very much for the programm Misugi :)

There is just one thing I am missing.
So I would appreciate if you might add one more filter option for the amount of items.
This would be a mightfull or at leat a cool feature which would help most guilds and their storages.

As example, we sort all out what is too much in the main hall, like more than 100 pieces of moon, and take the rest to another storage. Only with this way we are able to have everything (like sup, exce, nameds, bosses) in one hall to have everything in range, instead of sorting out sup in hall1, exce in hall2, etc. But everytime on sorting out, we have to keep an eye on each item again and again. The guildhalls are just toooo small and are annoying me

So with this filter we would be able to sort everything out much easier and faster :)

could be cured with my bulk upgrade idea that is a year old, and has been begged for for years befor that.


Remickla (atys)
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