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Pei-Ruz teams, requirements and "who to contact"

Thank you Talkirc for your post and also many thanks to Laofa for her comment in the french forum! I witnessed some discussions about the bosshunts and it was a pleasure to read your comment over there for the french community. :)

Personally I'm not organising the light boss hunts, I just offer the "infrastructure" and offer an opportunity to share the loot conflict-free and with a maximum of transparency. Personally I think rolling the dice after a successful hunt can be very frustrating, because one gets all and all other get nothing. And if you get a part you might have it already.

Pei and Dante points can be traded in every time. You don't have to wait until you have 5 full points. If you have 1 point, you just can /tell me and I'll get the part you wish out from the stock (if it is in stock).
It is NOT possible to change Dante into Pei points or vice versa: this would mean I would have to morph Dante into Pei parts, which is of course impossible. The sum of all Pei points must be equal the sum of all parts in stock.

But you can trade points with other homins. If they agree, you can give them your Dante points and receive their Pei points instead. Or you just can give away points - I already bought successfully some Zun amps in exchange for armor points :D
Also a guild can ask to sum up all points of their members. I need the agreement of the guild leader for this.


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