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New Ryzom API

Since zyRoom is pretty much tied with the API, can I request a few things here instead of opening a new topic?

- for chat, a "purge sys info messages" could be useful; after a few months, the log accumulates a lot of useless lines and it takes longer and longer to parse; stripping the system info parts would be immensely helpful, I believe

- is the log loader threaded? the Cancel button does not respond while loading the log, and so is quite useless

- can the generation of html/BBcode versions be optional instead of automated? I assume it's part of the reason why it takes so much time to load the log..

- shouldn't the Guilds page have an 'inventory' button, and the Characters page a 'Room button? they seem to be switched right now

- loading zyRoom after Ryzom has loaded seems to crash the game, I assume it's because of the log being written to, so the automated backup somehow fails?

In any case, thank you Misugi for your work :)


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