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Misugi (atys)
Now, I should notice here some problems about the new API :
My character Lusima has no "race" in the XML data ? (empty value)
Logging in to that character should fix it. Api gets its xml from achievement script that splits big xml to smaller chunks for web services. Initially it did not copy over race info and therefore chars not logged in since the fix do not have race listed.
Misugi (atys)
The "range" property is not specified for all weapons.
If its missing, then the value is 0 (api does not remove value=0 nodes, it missing in char xml)
Misugi (atys)
What is the "statenergy" node ?
Why "craftparameters" are small floating values ? (durability, weight, dmg, speed, modifiers, factors, protections, and others...)
These should be postcraft values. You need to know min/max value for stat for that item to get absolute value that is showed in game.
StatEnergy should be average value from all resource stats. I'm not sure how that is used, but it's in xml, so I included it too.
StatEnergy in general defines grade, basic, fine, etc. Probably used in naming item.

Item absolute stat values seems to be caluclated in <code/ryzom/server/src/entities_game_service/game_item_manager /game_item.cpp> file. While it does not list min/max values (those are in server config file), it does show max formula (most is 'min+(max-min)*value => absolute', but not all)


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