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Ryzom Android app

Drogos (atys)
Thanks! and yes, it works in some browsers. (Eg Chrome on iPhone, it does not work in I have been told).
I used firefox in linux. I just unpacked apk, deleted cordova.js and cordova_plugins.js (they platform specific), and opened assets/www/index.html (works both in http:// and file:// paths)
Drogos (atys)
Karu (atys)
Why no item icons? It's easy to render them client side using canvas ;-)
Interesting! Do you know if they are downloadable from somewhere, or would I need to make a script to request them all from the api? You know the exact font the is used to make the text on the icons? If you do, could you send me a reference to, or a copy of that font?
You can get them from here (zip).

Text is rendered using individual char image files. There is '*_mask.tga' files that are colorized and used for icon colors (ie, armor, flowers... you might want to pre-render or at least cache these)
Armor color RGB values can be found in config.xml ('armour_color_0' .. 7 ids)


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