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Ryzom Android app

Talkirc (atys)
it only cost's to have it hosted offically on the mac store, you can host it for free on other sites, if you created it, those intrested in it will be happy to get it from those "un offical" sites.
I did not know that was possible, does it require the users to jailbreak their phones? (I would still need someone to pack and test).

Karu (atys)
Nice app, works fine in standard browser too (if you remove cordova.js that is)
Thanks! and yes, it works in some browsers. (Eg Chrome on iPhone, it does not work in I have been told).

Karu (atys)
Why no item icons? It's easy to render them client side using canvas ;-)
Interesting! Do you know if they are downloadable from somewhere, or would I need to make a script to request them all from the api? You know the exact font the is used to make the text on the icons? If you do, could you send me a reference to, or a copy of that font?

Karu (atys)
(you also seem to be packaging some extra files that are not needed)
Yes, experimenting with some different versions of the framework and such. Probably other files that is not needed to. Will clean that up before version 1 is released :)


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