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Ryzom Android app

Hello fellow Ryzomers!

I started a little project to make an Android app for Ryzom.
This app utilizes the new api, and lets you do stuff like browse character and guild inventory.
It is still in an early phase, and I will keep working on improving it :)

The app can be found on the market here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=no.byweb.ryzom& hl=en

I will update this post here with incoming suggestions and their state of development until released.

* [done] Converting the app to native (Java) code. The repo can be found here: https://bitbucket.org/tux-/ryztools-android/overview (0.4.0)
* [done] Adding character skills view. (0.5.0)
* [done] Adding guild members view. (0.5.0)
* [done] Better inventory sorting. (0.6.0)
* [done] Item icons. (0.6.0)
* [done] Foraged mat list. (0.7.0)
* [done] Display current in-game time. (0.7.0)
* [done] Seasonal mats pop times. (0.8.0)
* [done] Progress bar for character skills. (0.8.0)
* To maintain this as sort of a changelog, in 0.9.,0 there was various UI changes.
* [idea] More information available in the "Item details".
* [idea] Friends list with ability to add notes, tags (main / alt - character).
* [idea] App "beeps" when closing to season change.

Oh, and in case anyone wonders, it communicates directly with the new official api, so if they makes changes the app can break.


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