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Update on TI Marauder hunt: Sat 28 Nov 2009

After we got all our assignments , setups and we got ready to go we took on Pei.
I wont lie to you was a bit chaotic at the begining and it seems like all our work
planning and organization was not up to par with our normal boss hunts and regular Plod
hunting teams but we hang on and even after a server hiccup that throws us off when
we had pei with 5% hit points left. Still we came back and took him Down.

Still savoring the moment of Taking Pei Ziao down as a Guild Only and with our
confidence riding High we decide it on the spot to go after Aen on the desert and with
quick and bold decisions we got working on it with only 5 minutes preparation.
needless to say Aen was not a challange as it fell to quickly.

Next week we will try to beat our combine time of 2 hrs for both Marauders and
keep going on our goal to have a Npc marauder Crafter.


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