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Guild catalog (by alignment)

What is this topic:

A list of guild names sorted by alignment and (if possible, by) activity, in order to make it easier for someone wishing to join a guild.

The rules for joining guilds :

All characters start as neutral regarding both civilization and religion - just that they have slightly different starting fames depending on race. Characters can align with a nation and/or with a religion if they want, for gameplay or roleplay advantages. Alignment involves doing a specific rite, and you are not aligned until you have done it.

Example: A character with 45 kami fame but without the rite has not aligned and can not buy level 250 pacts.

A completely neutral character -for instance, someone just finishing Silan- can join any guild. A character that is aligned with a religion can only join a guild of the same religion, same rule for nation alignment.

For example, a nation-neutral + karavan-aligned character cannot join a fully neutral guild, nor could it join a kami guild; it could however join a karavan guild of any nation allegiance. If said karavan guild is (for example) Tryker-aligned, the character has the option to align with the Trykers in the future.


I am only able to follow developments concerning English-speaking guilds. For the other languages, I am copying information from the app "Guild Register (Atys)" created by Remigra. In case no forum topic is provided for a guild, please use the app to find a contact person and discuss recruitment.

If I am active in-game, I will update the lists as soon as I learn of changes; please mail me directly for any English-related change, and Remigra for the others. You can check the last edit date on the posts, to see when was the last change. Should I seem to have gone inactive, feel free to ask the moderators to modify the topic as needed :)

[addition of non-English guilds pending for May 20]


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