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Karu (atys)
Xiena (atys)
Yes, this "fixed" the issue. Now I can create guild api key. But I still had to manually change the type=c for type=g in the url.
had? ryzomapi app shows guild keys in main page now?

Yes, I could not create guild keys at all. No button to press, and if I went to make a toon key, and then changed type=c in the url for type=g, and pressed save, it just gave an error. The button is still not there, but now it will save if I change the url manually.

… Looks like the button comes up if you have a guild key from before. If I have one guild key created the button is there to add more. If I delete all the keys, the button disappears also, and I have to go to toon creation again, and change the type=c for type=g again.
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