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[SPIELER EVENT / MATIS] Studying our foe: Kitin of the Depths

Ich entschuldige, dieses Text nicht zu ├╝bersetzen. Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut genug. Wenn jemanden eine korrekte ├ťbersetzung geben wollte, wurde ich dankbar sein.

This invite is addressed to all the Matis subjects who worship Goddess Jena.

- If the Kitin menace is a matter of importance for you.
- If you think that an extensive study of our common ennemy could help us.
- If you have ideas, or if you want to be a part of this study.

I'm waiting for you in Avalae, at 17:00 pm - Quinteth, Thermis 23, 4th AC 2575*.

The meeting's aim will especially be to discuss the means to go into in depth and to take in inventory of the homins and hominas desirous to work on this subject.

The Agenda may be as follow:

- Introduction of the participants and of their motivations (each person attending)
- Presentation of the subject ( Ser Erminantius)
- Talk and questions on the subject (the ones who want to speak)

The people who will attend this meeting agree to apply the following rules of proper behaviour:

- All matis subjects attending will show their "badge" of subject. When arriving, they'll thank the Goddess Jena for her generosity.
- It is forbidden to come with a weapon or to have an aggressive behaviour.
- As the guest, Ser Erminantius will lead the meeting
- The participants will be allowed to speak after having expressed this will by raising their had, and after the leader of the meeting will have granted them permission.

PS : Ser Copal will attend as translator for the Natae's dialect.
If a translator for the Davae's dialect want to officiate, please let me know about it.

* : Saturday 23rd November 2013, at 9:00 pm CET

- If someone could translate this message in English and post it on the English and German forum, I'd appreciate it... Thanks
- And since it is the first time I'm doing this, I hope I haven't done any error, on the date for example...
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