100% occupation recipes (spoiler warning)

i honestly wanted to post this all else where for ryzom players, namely the ryzom wiki, however like many things with the ryzom name, there's a bug or error to doing the very thing i was wanting to do, and so like in the game i love so much, i found a work around or second option, if the error on the ryzomnomnom.com can be edited to include this information, i'm all for it, and i'll be more then happy to ask a csr or admin to delete this thread, however untill i can place this someplace where it can be found with some ease (spending days looking though search results on google is no different then spending days trying to get the 100% in-game)

i like to think of myself as mr helpful, if my help upsets players, i'm sorry, but i still will stand behind my idea that placing the information out there is better then being greedy and keeping to hard to find, i've offered help to many players, some take it because they want it, others respectfully decline it because they would rather put in the work, thus i believe that my warning of spoilers in the thread is more then enough to let players that want the challenge of doing the work won't bother to read this post at all, they'll read the other posts they want and when done will click the all powerful "mark all read" button and never give the first view to this thread.

please everyone, don't think that i'm doing this and other things i do to be spiteful, i do it to help those that want the help, some things i learn on my own, other's i'd like some help with, so i both take and decline help and tips, thus as a mature adult i do what i choose to do based on how i want to experience the game.

but thank you all for your thoughs, for those that don't agree with my idea and point of view, i'm very sorry, for those that do agree, thank you for you time and thoughs. to everyone, your all my friends and i hope that this doesn't change that basic friendship that we have because i believe that in the end we're all out for one thing, to have a good time and make friendships.



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