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Protokolle der Kreissitzung


Hier ist mein neuester Entwurf für das Goo-Gesetz, der jetzt auch die kürzlich gemachten Vorschläge und Formulierungen der Erleuchteten Fey-Lin Liang miteinbezieht:

The Goo is a manifestation of nothingness that threatens the equilibrium of the nature on Atys instead of being a part of it. The only wise way to handle Goo is to bring about its destruction and to decrease its spreading to protect nature.

Those who believe they use Goo actually let Goo use them. The corruption of the Goo affects both the physical shell and the spirit of those who deal with it. So, according to the teaching of the Kami and in the interest of Atys and of everything living on, the Zorai Theocracy forbids any action in attempt to use Goo for whatever the reason or purpose in the Witherings.

In detail the Theocracy hereby forbids the production, use, unauthorized possession, import, export, trading/transfer, advertising/offering of all kinds of objects, item-parts, fillings or components and the like, that are mixed, filled or processed with Goo of any kind in the Witherings.

The Theocracy especially strictly bans the use, equipping, producing and/or trading of weapons and munition made with or from Goo, as well as any kinds of drugs made of Goo in the Witherings.

Transportation of Goo-infected items, parts, fillings, Goo-drugs or the like through the Witherings is forbidden except for the purpose to deliver them to the officials in the capital city Zora. As Goo is a plaque for Atys and everything living on it, Goo-contaminated items, item-parts, fillings, Goo-drugs and so on of any kind are not to be seen as "wares" nor "goods".

Any counteracting against this law will lead to court proceedings and will be punished severely.

The Kamis have granted the task to fight against the Goo to the Zorai people but also ask all willing homins to dig up Goo and Goo-polluted materials from the bark of Atys in order to destroy the Goo. Goo and Goo-polluted materials can be brought to Zora and will be destroyed by the officials there.

Any sightings of Goo-polluted objects, item-parts or the like (especially weapons and ammunition) in the Witherings are also to be reported to the officials of the amber cities as quickly as possible.

Even though fire can be used to destroy Goo please refrain from using fire freely on the bark. Remember the fire of Coriolis; sap can be dangerously inflammable. Fire must never be spread on a large scale in the Witherings since this could severely damage nature and endanger many species.

Only specifically authorized official scholars of the Witherings are allowed to carefully research the Goo within the territory of the Theocracy, as it is their task to do so. Interested scientists may ask Tao Sian, the first dynastic physician and renowned scholar, for permission and teachings about such research in the Witherings, to learn about the utmost caution that is needed for this in respect for the nature of Atys.

EDITIERT für Rangerin Daomei Lin Carthans Zusatz-Vorschlag - damit es nicht so aussieht, als würde die Theokratie anderen Nationen die Goo-Forschung auf deren Territorien verbieten. Danke für den Hinweis!


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