100% occupation recipes (spoiler warning)

i know full well i will receive alot of negative press for my opinion but i proudly state it....

it has been so many years that this info by all rights should be easy to find online "somewhere" and as of yet i have only been able to get it by nagging old players

now, i wanted them just because, it helps me, help others, if i can speedily get to grade 6 and give away items or give away certificates to others so they can get to grade 6

it is my personal and sincere opinion that if you want to use 50% recipes and take 2 months instead of one month to do an occupation, and you want to call that fun and challenging when you probably do know the 100%s are out there somewhere... that you might have a bit of a masochist in you

okay okay don't shoot me for saying it :P

there is a logical way to arrive at 100%, a sizable group of people working together would not take very long but i have not really heard about this happening, i believe that someone who really doesnt want spoilers wont read this post and i believe that someone who legitimately wants to find this out on their own wont read this post, and if they do happen to read the first few bits they will back away and forget the numbers and never come here again with 0 temptation, because this is how they want to play

so i respectfully disagree with the nay-sayers on this. i have thought about posting this on the wiki before but after discussing with some older players i quickly realised that i would get alot of bashing (imo unnecessarily so) for doing it

let's be honest if someone wants the 100% and cant find them because perhaps they dont know anyone who might have them or are just afraid to ask in case someone gives them a snobby reply, etc, they will lose extra hours of their life using less than 100% that are currently on the wiki

some people want the option not to lose this time, and i am one of these people, i got the 100%s early and i used them happily and it has enabled me , to help others, much better. so i am arguing that we should at least see both sides of the coin

its not that i dont appreciate some people really REALLY feel this is a bad idea to have in public but

what about crafting ranges by freddy, what if i didnt want to know about that? there are ways to find that out myself too, oh no i now know the max speed for an axe and its stuck in my head forever, damn!

so all im saying is, anyone responsible and mature who wants to put themselves through the happy trial of figuring it out will honestly probably not bother reading it and even if they did read a few they would get guilty after a little bit :P


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