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#35 Zo’ro-Argh

Dear friend Fey-lin,
I’m sorry I was away for so long, but I had to check on something. You will forgive me when you understand. I give you here my hopes and theories.

I’ve known Tepsen for quite a while and just as Krill does, I have the same clan name he does. I have always suspected he was family to me.

He says he doesn’t believe he was, but I’ve often had the impression he protected me.

You may remember the first few meetings of the N’ASA, when I kept on appearing and vanishing while attempting to decypher some of Tepsen’s notes. I am under the impression he keeps an eye on me, and also that he keeps an eye on some of us. You realise what it means? We try to make him come, to find him, but he’s in fact besides us whenever he wants to. How can he be invisible, though, I do not know.

On the other day, when we were at the marauder camp and I’ve realised things weren’t going our way, I’ve just followed my instinct and tried to distract Kigan and his people so you could find the best strategy. I was relying on Tepsen at the moment. I think I was right. I wonder if I’ve been usefull, I hope I was.

Of course, I think you will understand that I can’t tell you anything more about it. I will have to add, though, that I do not have to fear any kind of torture there is. Any kind there is.
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