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Any tips for increasing xp from digging?

as has been said, and i'd like to say again, that at a very low level increasing dig exp is harder, you don't have access to much focus or great stanzas yet, so prospecting wont have as much angle or range you'll dig less sources per prospect etc. (as an example, when you can pop 2 nodes, you can dig 1/2, then 2/3 (with a bit of time stanza) and then 3/5 (with kill digging) and eventually 7/10 perhaps even 8/10 (with kill digging) at higher levels but this is at much much higher level when it becomes much much easier to dig-- hang on you'll make it.

(also disclaimer, i am also not trying to butt heads with neela or bittty or MJ their advice is sound advice this is my personal experience as an almost master in all dig lands but there are many here who will reply who are all masters too, and for many more years than myself, their advice will be just as valid and you could endeavor to try as many as possible techniques to decide on your own)

1) most exp comes from the Quality you get, in most cases you can do your level + 10,
example, at level 30, Quality 40, at 50, Q60,

overdigging is basically if you have one dig level higher than the rest, say you have level 90 desert and level 50 lakes, you can now in theory dig Q100 in lakes but it will not work so well, +20 or +30 is possible but as MJ said it is a mixed blessing, i don't recommend it because it will fill up your bag with degraded mats and take up lot's of slots in small stacks so crafting will be really annoying

2) next most exp comes from grade (exe > choice fine >)
its about 12-15% more per higher grade i have a spreadsheet somewhere for more exact numbers:P
but! if you spend too much time trying to find mats you lose exp (per time)

example, if you dig up to choice mats you will dig some choice some fine maybe some basic, and this will be okay because at least you will be constantly digging (again this is my opinion, many will tell you to use only choice etc because it is more exp that way-- you will develop your own method and preferences, try as much as you can)

on that note, you can do only choice but there are some snags, you would need to identify more than one spot to dig at in a short distance for when you deplete one
example: on the "left side" there is beng amber, you dig a batch of choice till it says depleted, you run over to the "right side" of the hill you are on some few meters away and same beng amber pops. there are usually 2 spots of one mat that are reliably close together to do this with, if you can find them

3) explosions bad -- not really because you lose 10% exp per explode, but more because they might kill you and then you lose time that way, respawning or getting a res, and sitting to regen focus (use big self heal focus after dying don't worry about the 2hp you'll live ;))

so here are a few ways:

1) the really easy way, prospect up to choice, dig your max Q with just gentle, probably run out of focus before the white timer bar ends, this is safe and easy and at higher levels i estimate about 17 mats per minute for the average digger

pros- very safe, easy, you can use fine and basic mats in any land for dapper missions
cons- exp per time probably the slowest

2) same as 1 except use only choice, prospect between two known-spots of the mat you want, alternating between them when one is depleted

pros- bit more exp from first method
cons- cant use choice mats in all land plans for dapper missions

3) two step dig involving digging low Q for a time and then switching to a second action for the higher Q that you can dig (example Q10 for 5 mats then switching to Q40) i do not have the exact specifications as it is not my preferred method but it does work, i have used it, the low Q makes the white-bar timer run down faster so you do not use the entire 1 minute to dig the node

pros- faster exp than 1 and 2, saves your focus so that you will not run out before timer

- a little complicated, you have to tailor your dig and spend some time optimising it, maybe you want to dig 8 mats at Q10 first then switch to Q200 then Q250, some people use more than 2 steps etc),
-also if the source content is low, for example 8 or 10 mats in the node this method does not work so well, you have to manually look at source content to find the ones with higher mats)

the following is my method and more advanced/annoying it is for max exp and is pretty engaging, chatting while doing this way is even more likely to kill you than normal use at own risk ;)

4) kill-digging-- at level 29 probably not much use to you yet but, this is my knowledge anyway. in disagreement partially with Bittty, waiting for the white bar to go to zero is not the fastest way to get exp per time in my studies (perhaps at lower levels it does not matter much though) for higher levels (i say partial disagreement because i know Bittty uses kill-dig at his higher level, i would guess that his statement of white bar better than red life bar, is meant to be for lower levels and i would have to agree of course)

if you dig in such a way as to reaching the max Quality that you can (level+10~ safely) then use harmful to kill the node (the pink heart life bar thing) to zero, the dig will end. normally dig timer is 1 minute (white bar) at lower Q dig, the time is less, though. (adding more time is bad, also, for exp per time)

im my extensive studies it is my professional opinion that node-killing is the fastest way to get exp-- i have timed it, mats per time, exp per time, done the calculations. but it is a bit of a hassle not for everyone.

disclaimer- no- node killing does not nerf kami tolerance this is simply untrue i have dug like that 10 hours without stopping depleting and killing very quickly between the "left and right" side of my "hill" it does not hurt other diggers in any noticeable way by depleting area if you prospect up to choice and dig 2 mats at a time for instance-- can disagree with me if they want but i am confident

the bad thing with some kill diggers is they dont care plan the explosions, (sorry but i must say, after observation that many french players explode alot more than the average atys citizen, i would guess just from experience and watching their nodes while they dig too, that care plan less and thus explode more which is probably the aspect of kill-dig that lowers kami tolerance (im not exactly sure i did not find anything conclusive in the game code yet to support it, just my experiences)

the basic idea of this method is gentle rate gentle speed gentle Q, terrain spec, mat spec, dig to max Q or nearly max Q for your level, then care-plan explosion bar,

then switch to second action, harmful rate harmful speed, gentle Q (i believe harmful Q is really harsh and causes degrades more often i have not extensively checked, though, just a strong hunch) no terrain spec, no mat spec.

(you can make a few macros to make this faster and safer but i'll leave that up to personal preference)

cons- complicated, hazardous to own safety ;) higher level method (But not useless either at lower)

pros- imo fastest exp per time, fastest mats per time, ignores the problem with nodes of low content as you will be digging smaller amounts of mats per node but more nodes per prospect (10 10 10 10 12 8 8 13 for example, out of 10 nodes, instead of 15 15 17 23)

this method also allows you to quickly grab a few of a mat in high danger area (esp. pr) where if you are holding mats in temporary inventory and die before clicking "take all" you lose the mats.

so, if you combine all the pros, i think this is my favorite way, i can't say it is the "best" way but it is best for me and the way i am. you lose 10% exp for killing the node, but the time saved and speedy escape provided as well as ignoring small node-content, enhances exp, mats, and keeps you a little more awake :)


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