Ryzom IRC channel

IRC is internet relay chat, ryzom has one, and, there are developers as well as reglar homins in that channel, and there are A LOT of them... and they talk!

First I used a program called MIRC to connect but few minutes ago did discover this:

you just put in #ryzom as the channel and it will connect you.

Anyone who has interest in things like pouring over code, making your own shard, using ryzomcore, probably technical questions like OS issues on mac/linux etc. (basically not directly related to ATYS but more related to RYZOM) will probably find this place useful

I am attempting to set up a test shard, using the information posted on which is the new dev site NOT which is outdated. I know many of you have knowledge about programming and other technical aspects, I am not one versed in such but I do read and learn quickly... so I would like to implore anyone who wants to make use of ryzom as an open source resource, to visit

thank you


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