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[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

(OOC: thank you, Zendae :)

Yes, we on Leanon also had different protocols and organization for Assemblies. I think they have been much like on Aniro - well, at least in the beginning, when many players were still interested in political roleplaying. I already explained IC that a lot of "rules" have just turned out to make Assemblies inefficiently. But OOC there's more to it! In the beginning there were quite a bunch of representatives for each country. But rigid rules but most of all lazy, blocking, sometimes illogical acting "officials" drove them away one by one.

Also for "listeners" the Nation's Assemblies were very unpopular back then. When I started with politics in February 2011, there was an "audience" of sometimes only three characters; sometimes even none at all! The election of Ambassadors, sometimes enabling political influences on events and especially giving the audience the possibility to actually take part and give inputs made Assemblies livelier and more popular :)

No, I totally do not believe that national Assemblies will "flatten" - not at all. Just on the contrary; I was glad to hear more characters speak their mind at the last Assembly in Zora. This is a great development; and I would love to keep on encouraging them to continue doing so :)

On the other hand the very "structured" and organized Assembly of the Akenak in Pyr was a sad sight; as there were only two Akenak attending it, and the audience has significally shrunk compared to the Assemblies before. The regional Akenos of Dyron are confused about the behaviour of the Akenak. Akenos Malin has disapproved of that during the last Assembly of Dyron. I fear that she and Akenak Arrlon might even feel driven away. It's high time to talk about this OOC after no Akenos attended the last Assembly of Dyron.

Yes: what DO we want?
Well, I can tell you what I would wish for - OOC as a player of course:
I want more players roleplaying representatives of their Nations, and I want Assemblies to be interesting events for as many players as possible

* for that end I think the most important factor is that Assemblies should have an impact on the world by initiating Events - like the Ranger's Assemblies do. It should be that way of course - but sadly we from the former Leanon-community did not get any support at all by our Event Team for even one political Event that we have suggested since RP-politics has started once again :( I think that the Ranger's Assemblies are so lively mostly because of that; if there were no Events (like collecting materials or exploring the Kitin-Nest) the Assemblies would surely become less and less popular, just like all the National Assemblies...

* also it cannot be too hard to become representatives. The higher the hurdles, the lower the interest in doing political RP. That's why I think that the title "Honorary Initiate" is very valuable. You can use it to tell players OOC: "come and give RP-politics a try; you can see that there are ways to take part in RP-politics without leaving your guild or having to change your playing-style" :) IC Zhoi has worked hard to earn the title of "Honorary Initiate" by being politically active, by services for her Nation! I think that should be worth a lot - maybe more than merely passing a "test" without having much political experience

* players seem to need more motivation to take up political RP at the moment - especially nowadays as either speaking English has become so important during Assemblies; since this already had a devastating effect on the political representatives from the former server Leanon :( Some German-speakers feel that merely having good translators is not enough to help them to actually take part in RP as equals...

* German players have expressed more worries that prevent them from taking up RP-politics: there has been lots of talks about some French players trying to dominate "our" players in many ways, to force "us" to change "our" playing styles, including using dirty tricks in RP-politics, drowning out the opinions of their "colleagues" by not treating them as equals, or even to drive "us" away on purpose.

* national Assemblies are seen as rigid, even as "unfair", and such are becoming more and more unpopular for representatives and audience alike - it is something some German-speakers blame mostly on imperious French players; in reality it's of course because of decisions made by Event Team

* so I think that the Event Team should start doing their best with motivating players to take up RP-politics, by listening to their worries and smoothing the way - as much as the Lore allows of course. Sadly many think that at the moment the Event Team does exactly the opposite; demotivating players and making RP-politics more and more un-fun. To be honest it has already been so before, but lately has become worse

* no, it's not like I want every Assembly to be alike! Not at all. They aren't right now: just take the Akenak and the Assembly of Nobles for comparsion. Still every Assembly should take motivating players to take part into consideration in my opinion. That can be accomplished in different ways, so each Nation can be different.

What does Zhoi want IC?
Yes, she definitely wants Assemblies to be efficient - because Assemblies are the instrument to decide about national matters. Some matters are urgent and must not be delayed for too long, especially not just because of "honoring" time-wasting protocols. Yes, she has a history and keeping up contacts with other Nations for many, many AtysYears have of course formed her personality and views of the world.

I can fully understand Fey-Lin Liangs (the character's) motivations as a player of course. Do I seem to be stupid, or do you think I'm inconsiderate as a player? As a character Zhoi might be that sometimes, true ;) Still understanding does not mean supporting. I have my own reasons OOC and Zhoi has IC too.

Well, IC the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang and Zhoi will of course keep on fighting for the time being :D Nothing you can do about that I fear. There might be some votings at Assemblies about all this. But in the end it's the Event Team that will decide, as has always been, using their roles of officials and rulers.


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