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[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

[OOC] Thanks, Zendae. I am aware that Feylin's proposals do not come from nowhere, as I knew a bit of Aniro even before the fusion, and observed several parts of the french language community's RP and most of forum communication since.

I do not say Aniro is wrong. But equally I do not say that the other communities, as far as they had lively roleplay, were or are wrong either.

As to the flattening, I fear that RP, when imposed the way proposed, will end in Aniro RPers conversing in English with nobody else listening. This will only be different in the Rangers' camp, the only place where interlingual communication and participation seems to work without major frictions.

As to the question of having to be Awakened or whatever to assume an office, nobody is demanding that exceptions approved by the authorities in the past in another world have to be generalized as a rule in the new world. But it is a legitimate demand and was assured before the fusion that those regulations in existance before the transition have to be honored. While I do not agree with Zhoi in a couple of questions, I here see a matter of principle and advise my fellow players not to give in. If the representative of the circles of Hoi Cho is not respected by her fellow Zorai in other regional circles, joint RP is not possible.

How the national assemblies have to be organized, is not my business, strictly spoken. I gave my opinion which is that as a non Zorai and non national, so it may be considered or ignored without any problem.



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